Friday, September 25, 2009

Jason Pegler is a Rapist

UPDATE: Now available through Google Books, you can see the relevant passages for yourself without needing to rely on the screenshots taken here:

Jason Pegler describes raping a girl
Jason Pegler claims raping that girl doesn't count as rape
Thanks to Chipmunka for making Jason Pegler's autobiography, A Can of Madness, available free of charge.

Also, as requested by Chipmunka themselves, this post now comes with page numbers and screenshots of pages in case someone might think I made all this up.

Reading the book, painful as it may be, reveals some interesting things about the CEO of Chipmunka Publishing.

Let's start at page 21:

I also remember having an aching hard-on with several naked girls when I was 14 but they wouldn’t let me have sex with them – either because they didn’t want to get pregnant or because they didn’t want to be called slags. There again, I did manage to push it in to one of them but she wriggled off. In the event, I started fucking one who had passed out but she woke up barfing on my shoe.

Note: "they wouldn’t let me have sex with them," "I did manage to push it in to one of them but she wriggled off," and "I started fucking one who had passed out but she woke up."

UPDATE: In reviewing the text for Chipmunka, I found something I overlooked the first time, immediately following the text quoted above. "Her friends broke in and gave
her a bath to sober her up." Her friends broke in, past the door that Jason Pegler locked in order to rape a girl who was passed out drunk*.

Don't let this make you think that Jason Pegler is a bad person. He offers plenty of evidence to the contrary (Page 89):

I was not racist though. I was into rap and had a massive poster of Snoop Doggy Dogg holding a gun in my room.

This explains why he was involved in a fight that began after his friend shouted at a black girl, calling her an "afro," but not a racist. Jason Pegler had Snoop in his room, and even let him hold a gun while he posed for a promotional poster. He's clearly not racist. I bet some of his friends are even *gasp* black.

He has an excellent level of respect for women (Page 58):

I went to have a bath and, passing the unlocked door, saw a girl called Karen lying in it. She was demented and cried out my name so I left the room worried that the staff would come in and put me on a six month section. I didn’t want to be trapped for longer because of one incident and I was too shy and considerate to make a move on her.

Aww <3. He didn't "make a move" on a woman with sever mental problems because he was too shy and considerate. Also because he didn't want to get caught. From Page 179:

I would never hit a woman so I just walked off in a rage.

I expect he was waiting until the woman in question fell asleep. It's a lot easier then. Right, Jason?

Let's look at Page 85:

A few days later I started fucking this girl called Harriet. She was fat and, although her face was reasonable, I only went anywhere near her because I wanted to sleep with her friend, Shelly.

Some people would consider this appalling, but really, look again. Jason Pegler loves Shelly so goddamned much that he would sleep with someone he is not attracted to just to give himself the chance of sleeping with the girl he loves. That is textbook romance.

Some (unenlightened) women might be uncomfortable at spending time with Mr. Pegler, but he has a solution for that (Page 127):

I think I scared her a bit. I mean, she started shaking when I put my arm round her in the cinema. Anyway, I didn’t give a fuck really.

See, ladies? If Jason doesn't give a fuck, you can do what you like! He doesn't care. Awesome.

So what kind of person has all these qualities? Let's see what Jason thinks about himself (Page 41):

Was it that I cared too much about the human race and took it upon myself to endure the suffering of others? Was I hyperintelligent? Was I genetically inferior to others? The answer was probably a combination of all three.

I'd have to agree, based on the evidence. Jason Pegler cares too much about the human race. He is clearly hyperintelligent, and also genetically inferior to others. That makes sense.

Jason overcomes his genetic inferiority with martial arts training, and sighing (Page 128):

I remember the head of department, after I had told him that most of my script was autobiographical, saying: “I hope your life really wasn’t like that.” I brushed his remark off with a deep sigh and some extra tae kwon do training.

Hard. Core.

Jason also, probably through his hyperintelligence and deep love of humanity, is able to understand the suffering of others, as he demonstrates in this almost poetic phrase (Page 225):

I was as weak and as fragile as a little baby being raped by a paedophile.


So, how is Jason doing now? Let's see what he has to say (Page 109) :

Don’t think I’ve got the potential to become a rapist or a paedophile, but who knows?

Who knows?

"they wouldn’t let me have sex with them,"
"I did manage to push it in to one of them but she wriggled off,"
"I started fucking one who had passed out but she woke up."

You know, Jason. You don't have the potential to become a rapist. You already are a rapist*. And a terrible, terrible writer (Page 16) :

My mum was living round my Nan’s and they were going to get a divorce.

But mainly, you're a rapist*.

UPDATE: Apparently Jason Pegler has rape on the brain, according to this find where he asks for "talented rapers."

Thanks to Anonymous Submitter.

*According to Jason Pegler's Autobiography, a Can of Madness, where he describes how he raped a young girl in a locked bathroom.