Friday, May 4, 2012

Why Jason Pegler is a Rapist, and Why it Matters

I have been informed that Jason Pegler is well aware of this site, and I would invite him to offer his side of the story.

I am still of the opinion that Jason Pegler is a rapist. It seems very clear to me that Jason Pegler raped a girl while she was passed out in a locked room.

I do offer the chance for Jason to contact me - to leave a comment - and I will email him and we will have a discussion and I will post the unexpurgated version.

I have been accused of attacking a guy who can't speak back, and while I think this is a little disingenuous, I can see why people might find it easier to try and make those accusations stick.

Jason Pegler is a rapist according to his own biography and according to the law.


Jason - I know you are aware of my assessment of your actions as seen at If you would like to confront the issue instead of making vague legal threats, I would love to enter a dialogue with you, so that you can explain yourself, and to also let me explain to you why I believe you are a rapist.

I think that the longer you continue to let this confusion persist, the more damage you are doing to Chipmunka and the mental health community. Imagine the conflict a rape victim would feel if he/she read your words after trusting you with their most personal revelations.

Imagine their shock as they saw, in his own words, Jason Pegler saying "I forced myself on a girl. She was passed out drunk. I locked the door and then I started fucking her but her friends broke in and rescued her."

Imagine later in that book, as they read your words "don't think I've got it in me to become a rapist."

How the hell can you say that you have the best intentions when you can't even take responsibility for your own actions. It is the disavowal that makes this heinous, because it gives validation to every rapist who uses the excuse that 'it wasn't really rape,' and it takes away the validation of every rape victim's feelings, it tells every rape victim that rape isn't always rape.

If you think that somehow what you described really isn't rape, then come out and say why, Jason.

If you feel that you are not harming anyone with these double-standards, then come out and say why.

If you can somehow defend yourself against your own words that describe how you, Jason Pegler, CEO of Chipmunka Publishing, raped a young girl in a locked room, then I think you should, don't you?

I don't believe you can do either of these things, so I think you should do the only decent thing and admit that yes, you are a rapist.

Rape is a crime, for sure. You were young and you were messed up, and it is possible to rape someone without intending it to be rape, through drunkenness or ignorance. What is appalling in your case is that you rather graphically described how you raped a girl, and in the same book claimed not to be a rapist.

This is why I will continue to tell the world that Jason Pegler is a rapist. Because you have never had to face up to the fact yourself, and because your attitude helps other rapists and harms rape victims.

Admit, and apologize, Jason. Please, admit and apologize.

Update: I'll be including Google Books search results on my pages now to match the screenshots that I originally took. Hopefully this will prove beyond doubt that what I am saying is true:

Jason Pegler describes raping a girl
Jason Pegler claims raping that girl doesn't count as rape

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this blog. I was thinking of having a memoir published through Chipmunka but now know this would be wrong. I cannot see how a rapist would want to publish the personal accounts of victims in their books and hold 'moral rights' to those memoirs unless there is something deeper afoot.